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Year 6


Year Six

Welcome to Year 6

We have an exciting curriculum that is designed to enthuse our pupils and a plethora of activities and events to enhance our learning and build up our children to become excellent role models that are prepared to continue their journey in education after they part St James’ with memories that will stay will them forever.


Our learning in Maths mostly continues where we left off in Year 5, building upon a lot of the concepts we are already familiar with- place value, fractions, shape and measure etc. We also introduce a few new concepts that are still linked to our previous learning, such as ratio. We surround our pupils with a range of excellent literature that inspire our children to write excellent examples: novels (both classic texts and modern), poetry, current newspaper reports, beautifully illustrated graphic novels- the list goes on!


Our ASPIRE curriculum also provides lifelong learning opportunities. Linked to creating bird-related artwork in Art, the children will go on a trip observing wildlife in their natural habitat. The residential visit is also an exciting week for the children that builds up independence, teamwork and relationships with their peers. With SATS being a part of this year, we work hard ensuring that all of our children are prepared for them but also ensure that we take time to build up our other skills. Our PE curriculum includes a wide range of opportunities for children to be introduced to new sports and to build their skills on ones they are more familiar with.


The Year 6 staff work hard ensuring that all of the Year 6 pupils have a brilliant final Year at St James’ and leave understanding that, with hard work, passion and determination, nothing is impossible.

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