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Collective Worship at St James'

Collective Worship at St James


What is collective worship?


Collective Worship is an educational activity or experience to which all can contribute and from which all can gain   It is central to education in our school and forms an essential part of the school’s overall provision for prayer and worship.   Collective Worship in our school respects the diversity of belief and commitment, but it is Christian in character, reflecting in the liturgical tradition of the Church and having Christ at its heart. 


As we are a Church of England School, we adhere to all its beliefs and practises. As a school, we follow the syllabus which was devised by Blackburn Diocese which is endorsed by Liverpool Diocese. Collective worship is held every day and includes a service from our Vicars Rev. Mark/ Rev Fran every Monday. Parents and carers also join us for our Friday’s Celebration worship. We are very proud of our close relationship with St James’ Church and hold termly services there. These are planned and delivered collaboratively  by both church and school. Rev Fran is welcomed into school to teach a lesson, giving the children the benefit of expert knowledge.


The religious education at St James’ encourages children to develop their sense of identity as a person, to develop a sense of community and to consider their own place in creation. They are encouraged to feel that they belong to one large family that encompasses their own immediate family, that of the school, the church and the community at large.  The principles of Christianity form the ethos of the whole school and are inherent in all aspects of school life. The pupils also study other faiths and are taught to be tolerant towards them.


We encourage the children to show ‘Christian Values’ in all aspects of their life and commend examples of these which we see around the school by giving ‘Christian Value’ special mentions in Celebration Assembly. Another aspect the classes focus on is ‘ British Values’.





The aim of collective worship at St James’ Church of England Primary School is to seek to provide opportunities, formally and informally, for pupils, staff and sometimes parents, to worship together. Pupils are encouraged to participate and respond, either actively in the presentation of worship or by listening and joining in the celebration.  

 Why Collective Worship?

 Collective Worship in our school provides opportunities for learners and staff to come together to worship God.

·         To reflect on spiritual and moral beliefs

·         To reflect on personal beliefs

·         To respond to and celebrate life

·         To enable and encourage a sense of belonging

·         To reinforce positive attitudes

·         To mark us as special

·         To come to terms with

·         To give worth to

·         To wonder at

·         To build a firm foundation for liturgy

·         To contemplate something of the Mystery of God

·         To take time out

·         To develop a community spirit

·         To enrich the religious experience of children and staff

·         To encourage a common ethos and shared values



The collective worship leader collates and draw conclusions through evaluation forms and by speaking with the children, staff and other adults on the quality of acts of worship. Worship warriors gather thoughts and feelings in reflection evaluation sheets.  Monitoring is carried out throughout the year. Here the children, members of staff and parents are asked to share their views and feelings about collective worship, offering suggestions for any changes or improvements they feel are needed. Findings are passed onto the Head teacher, RE leader- Assistant Headteacher and governors on a regular basis. Suggested developments are discussed with the worship warriors and SLT.



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