Admission criteria for Saint James Church of England Primary School.

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Where a school receives more applications than places available, the following over subscription criteria will be applied once places have first been allocated to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs:

1. Looked after children and previously looked after children.

Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order). Applications for previously looked after children must be supported with appropriate evidence i.e. a copy of the adoption order, residence order or special guardianship order.

2. Children whose older brothers or sisters attend the school and will still be there at the time of admission.

3. Children who live closest to the school.

Where there are more children in one particular criterion than the number of places available, places will be allocated to the children who live nearest to the school. The distance will be measured in a straight line from the child’s home address to a central point at the school using a Geographical Information System (GIS) which is based on ordnance survey.

If we offer the last place available at a school to one of twins (or triplets, or so on), our policy is to admit the other twin or triplets too.

Occasionally, the distance from home to school is the same for more than one child (for example, if more than one child lives in the same block of flats). In these cases we will use a system to randomly pick who will be offered a place.

A copy of the policy is available on request from the local authority.

Notes to the over subscription criteria

Child’s home address

When considering your child’s application, we will use the permanent home address we have for you at the closing date for applications. If parents are separated and the child spends time at each parent’s address, the address we use for admission to school is that of the main carer. We use the address of the parent who receives the Child Benefit for this.

Brothers and Sisters

We will include:

¨ Half-brothers and half-sisters;

¨ Stepbrothers and stepsisters

¨ Foster brothers and foster sisters; who live at the same address as part of the same family unit.

Children with a statement of special educational need

Children with a statement of special educational needs which names the school will be offered a place without using the over subscription criteria. This is a legal requirement.

Late applications

Late applications (those received after the closing date) will only be considered after those received by the closing date. The only exception to

this is applications for looked after children that are received by 15 February will be included with on time applications.

Nursery Applications

If your child goes to a nursery attached to the school:

¨ They do not have an automatic right to a place in a reception class at the school

¨ You must send in your application form or apply on-line by the closing date for applications.

Deferred Entry

Parents can request that the date their child is admitted to the school is deferred until later in the school year or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year. Where entry is deferred, the place will be held open and not offered to another child. Parents cannot defer entry beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, nor beyond the academic year for which the original application was accepted.

Part-time Attendance

Parents can request that their child attends part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age.

Waiting lists

Places may become available at a school after the offer date. We will

put all children who we refuse a place at one of their preferences on the waiting list for the school

¨ Keep the list in priority order, decided by the over subscription criteria for the school only;

¨ Offer any place that become available to the next child on the waiting list

¨ Maintain the waiting list until the end of the autumn term.

We cannot take into account the length of time a child’s name has been on the waiting list, only the admission criteria for the school. This means that your child’s position on the list may change if another parent asks to be put on the list and their child has higher priority in the over subscription criteria.

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