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Feedback from the Educational officer

Feed back from the Educational officer March 3rd 2021

The school’s response to the pandemic should be celebrated and is worthy of sharing Trust wide. The school’s response was driven by the school’s Christian values and led to the further strengthening of links between the school, the church and the local community. As a result, relationships between the school and the parents have improved significantly and the school recognises that the next step is to further develop these improved relationships to further impact on attainment and attendance.


In short, the school’s Christian community work during the pandemic was remarkable. The school was a community hub throughout the pandemic. The school worked closely with the church group delivering food, furniture, learning packs to members of the school community.


The school endeavoured to maintain the Christian vision and live out Christian values through this period of adversity. There were prayers on Facebook for people in the school community.


The school’s Christian response to the pandemic was outstanding and resulted in a school community which felt supported and cared for.


Mr Stanley

Education officer


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