Partnership Pledge Planner

Year group/class: Four / Hazel

  1. Ensure full uniform is always worn

  2. Provide a healthy lunch box, if not accessing a healthy school meal

  3. 10 Spellings – Given out every Friday to be tested on the following Friday

Strategies to help with spellings

  • Look, Cover, Write & Check

  • See it, Say it!

  • Chunk it!

  • Segmenting (phonics)

  1. Times Tables – Given out every Friday and to be tested the following Friday.

  2. Maths Challenge – Given out every Friday and to be returned the following Wednesday.

  • See school website for ‘visual calculation policy

  • Daily Times Tables Rock Stars – SAFE interactive home/school game

  1. Knowledge Based Curriculum Quest – Given out at the start of every half-term and 1 task to be returned each Friday. Projects to be returned the week before the end of half term.

Research can include:

  • Visits to the library, museum, art gallery etc

  • Internet search

  • Talking with family members

  • School resources e.g. topic books

  1. Daily Accelerated Reading book – interactive quiz in school, after every book

  • Use VIPERS to support understanding of the text and enhance vocabulary

  • Encourage your child to read street signs, labels, posters, comics etc

  • Daily 100 book Reading Challenge – any book, anywhere, anytime 😊

  1. PE kits to be in school on on Mondays.