Partnership Pledge Planner

Year group/class: Reception/Holly

  1. Ensure full uniform is always worn

  2. To help their child select a healthy lunch.

  3. Label all items of your child’s clearly to support them in reading their name.

  4. Practice writing your child’s name daily.

-using the precursive handwriting style

-using finger spaces

-supporting the correct use of a pencil

  1. Daily word of the week practice

  2. Maths Challenge – Given out every Friday and to be returned the following week

  3. Knowledge Based Curriculum Quest – Given out at the start of every half-term and 1 task to be returned each Friday.

Research can include:

  • Visits to the library, museum, art gallery etc

  • Internet search

  • Talking with family members

  • School resources e.g. school library

  1. Daily Reading book

–Use VIPERS to support understanding of the text and enhance vocabulary

  • Encourage your child to read street signs, labels, posters, comics, shop signs

  • Daily 100 book Reading Challenge – any book, anywhere, anytime 😊

  1. PE kits to be in school on Fridays and will remain in school until the end of each half term and be returned for the first day of the new school term or half term.