Welcome to Pre-School

St James’ Community Pre-school is a small, vibrant and happy setting.

We are part of St James’ CofE School and follow the same high standards and school ethos. As the preschool is in a school setting, we open in term time only. We have a team of fully qualified, nurturing and supportive practitioners; ready to help your children on their way to reaching their full potential and transition into school.

“Provision in the early years remains excellent. Pupils start school with skills that are far below what would be expected for their age. They quickly become inquisitive and responsive learners. This is largely due to the quality of teaching of all the adults in this phase, and the highly stimulating learning environment they have created for pupils to explore. No opportunity is lost to reinforce linking sounds and letters, and number, and to encourage good communication skills.”

Ofsted March 2016



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