St James’ Parent Partnership Pledge


St James’ Quest for Learning

Our curriculum is designed to develop innovators, leaders and creative thinkers. We aim to provide opportunities for children to connect skills and knowledge, to have opportunities to apply knowledge in contexts that fire the imagination and stimulate a desire to explore.

Through our teaching we aim to enable all children to discover what they can do!

We believe that together, teachers and parents possess the ability to inspire interest, motivate learning and provide meaningful opportunities, which allow children to explore, question and discover for themselves.

Our curriculum intent is to grow children who are:

  • are able to engage confidently in social interactions both in school and within the wider community;

  • have a strong sense of pride in themselves and their cultures and backgrounds;

  • are resilient, confident, self –motivated and independent individuals;

  • know how to keep themselves safe – have a sense of security;

  • are passionate about developing their skills and enjoy a challenge;

  • find inspiration in others;

  • build positive relationships;

Together we will strive to provide our children with knowledge, wisdom and skills needed to fulfil their full potential, serve their community and achieve their future goals and aspirations.

St James’ and the Three R’s


We believe in building respect – both the parent and the school must feel valued, trusted and listened to. At St James’ the needs of the child must always come first and the child’s development must form the basis of all our interactions.

In building respect, we will take steps to advance equality of opportunity, foster good relations and eliminate discrimination or harassment across all the protected characteristics (age, race, gender reassignment, disability, marriage and civil partnership, religion and belief, pregnancy, maternity and paternity, gender, sexual orientation) within the school community.


Parent-Friendly School

At St James’ we understand the importance of being a parent-friendly school and take responsibly to:

  • welcome all children and value their differences

  • welcome all parents and value their views

  • operate an open-door policy, to enhance communication

  • provide parental support via our learning mentors

  • provide parents with the tools needed to support their child’s learning journey

  • encourage parental involvement, contribution and engagement through organised social events, educational workshops, parental meetings, achievement celebrations and whole school/community worship.

 School-friendly Homes

At St James’ we understand the importance of being a school-friendly homes it is the parent’s responsibility to:

  • value our diverse school community

  • reinforce our school vision and values

  • emphasis the role of education in self-development and the fulfilment of future aspirations.

  • re-enforce at home the importance of regular attendance and punctuality

  • attend parent meetings and engage in open and honest communicate

  • read with your child at every opportunity; help with homework &/or projects to enhance your child’s learning

  • celebrate your child’s successes


At St James’ our approach identifies four key success strategies designed to support parental engagement. These strategies ensure parents and staff have the opportunity, skills and tools to work together in order to contribute fully to the success of the child.

  1. School Climate — we will foster and sustain a positive, welcoming school climate in which all parent viewpoints are encouraged, valued and heard.

  2. Eliminating Barriers — we will aim to identify and remove barriers to parent engagement that may prevent some parents from fully participating in their children’s learning, and to reflect the diversity of our students and communities.

  3. Support for Parents — we will provide parents with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to support their child’s learning journey.

  4. School Community Involvement — we will nurture good relations between different partners through regular social events to build the community.

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